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Easy and precise filling of buckets

From manual to fully automatic!

Accurate filling

Provided with a liter counter for an exact quantity of water.

Precise dosage

To add flower food in precise dosage, deliverable with a Microdosing system, Dosatron dosing pump or an industrial pulse pump.

All types of flower containers

Handling all existing types of flower containers, Procona’s and bouquets buckets.

Rapid changeover time

Quickly need to switch to a different kind of packaging? These bucketfillers can handle a different type of container in no time.

No jamming containers

No more jamming due to suction of containers and left over stickers.

Sustainable design

Machines geheel uitgevoerd in RVS.

Assortment Bucket Fillers


Simple and inexpensive solution in the segment of bucket fillers.

QuickFill 2.0

With it’s elegant and compact design this machine fits perfectly in any work environment.

QuickFill Belt

This bucket filler is specially designed with a conveyor belt to buffer the buckets / containers and transport them.

QuickFill Belt 2.0

Improved version of the QuickFill Belt with automatic height adjustment of the filling nozzle.


Bucket filler specially designed to process round buckets.

AquaMatic Tray

Compact machine for automatic destacking / filling of trays

SquareFill 100

Compact machine for automatic de-stacking / filling containers.

SquareFill 100 Twin

SquareFill 100 on wheels for fast switching between two types of containers.

SquareFill 200 Mobile

Compact, easily movable bucket filler on wheels for automatic destacking/filling of all types containers.

SquareFill 500

This bucket filler is designed that the supply and disposal conveyors are designed to your desired height.

Rack Inserter

The system is a combination of the SquareFill 500 and the rack inserter, allowing high-speed presentation of containers with racks.

SquareFill Robot

Robot system where at the first point 4 containers are stacked at the same time, at the second point water is given and at the third point the racks are placed on the containers. 


With the AquaMixer, plant nutrition can be dosed quickly, accurately and easily via the microdosing system.